How to pack electrical items ready for moving house
Our Do’s & Don’ts list aims to help you keep your electrical safe when moving home!

Flatscreen TV’s

  • Pack flatscreens in their original boxes when possible. If not, find a sturdy box that's
    around the same size!
  • Wrap flatscreens in softer fabrics before wrapping tape around them to prevent
    screens from getting scratched
  • Place flatscreens between softer objects (mattresses, bags of clothing or bedding)


  • Lay flatscreens flat
  • Stack items on top of them


  • Backup data on an external hard drive
  • Organise cables separately, marking all of them!
  • Wrap monitors with bubble wrap and tape


  • Leave any circuits out/exposed
  • Leave any plastic bits unprotected!

Small Electrical Items

  • Remove all adapters, attachments, cords, and batteries and wrap them separately
  • Pack in small to medium size double-sided cardboard boxes
  • Wrap electrical items in bubble wrap and paper


  • Pack any liquids in the same box
  • Pack sharp objects in the same box
  • Stereo Equipment


  • Pack equipment in its original box when possible. If not, find a similar size box
  • Organise and label wires and cables
  • Cover connection ports and speakers with plastic or bubble wrap
  • Protect stereo unit and speakers using bubble wrap


  • Stack items or objects on boxes containing stereo equipment
  • Place any bottles or containers with liquid in them in the same boxes

Kitchen Electrical Items

  • Pack items in original boxes when possible. If not, use similar size boxes
  • Wrap cords and accessories separately, labelling all of them
  • Use bubble wrap or towels to protect more fragile items


  • Defrost and clean fridges and freezers before the move
  • Remove all drawers and shelves
  • Wrap fridge and freezers in blankets and secure using packing tape
  • Always use an appliance dolly with straps to move the items


  • Turn your fridge or freezer on straight away once you're in the new place – wait for at
    least 3 to 4 hours before you do

Washing Machines/dryers

  • Run a rinse cycle and let things dry before moving
  • Shut off hot and cold water valves before removing the hoses
  • Always use an appliance dolly


  • Use any plastic wrap to cover fridges/freezes because it prevents airflow and blocks
  • Try to move fridges/freezers without an appliance dolly



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