Packing Essentials for Moving House

Below are a few things you might need when moving house – it’s an essential checklist of
items that make moving that much easier and well organized!

Cardboard boxes

Small cardboard boxes (1ft to 3ft) are a great when you need to pack any of the following
Heavier objects
Smaller electronic items

Medium sized cardboard boxes (3ft to 5ft) are great for:
All sorts of items
Any type of household object

Larger cardboard boxes (6ft) are ideal for packing the following:
Larger items
Lightweight objects

Dish barrel boxes are a great choice for:
Packing rows of plates
Moving other crockery items like platters

Wardrobe packing boxes are good for packing away wardrobe items – no need to remove
hangers when you sue a wardrobe box!

Plastic Containers

Think about using plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes. They make transporting
items that much easier

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is an essential when moving house or transporting items. It protects objects,
adding padding around breakables and protecting furniture and other fragile items.

Packing Paper

Packing paper is another essential used to fill out boxes to protect items. It’s also useful when
used to cover more fragile surfaces.

Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts are handy when you need to fill out a box to protect the objects packed

Linens, Towels, and Pillowcases

All sorts of linens, pillowcases and towels are extremely useful when used to cover and
protect items. This includes:
Flatscreen TVs
Electrical equipment

Labels and Markers

Labelling boxes and using markers to write what’s inside makes it easier to organise the

Packing Tape

Packing tape is another essential when moving house or transporting goods. It provides the
strength needed to keep boxes secure.

Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is great when used to protect larger items of furniture and to keep smaller
bundles tightly together.

Re-sealable Bags

Re-sealable bags are great for putting screws and other bits that come of disassembled
furniture. It ensures nothing gets mislaid in the move!

Black Bin Liners

Black bin liners are large enough to place over larger items that don’t need padding to protect


Suitcases are essential for packing away clothing and other linen items when you’re moving

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