How to pack a kitchen ready for moving house

Our helpful list aims to help you pack up kitchenware and other items ready for moving
house, which could help prevent breakages.

Dishes and Crockery

  • Wrap dishes in packing paper and/or bubble wrap. It’s also a good idea to place sheets
    of cardboard in between the dishes when you stack them
  • Bundle items together when you can because it makes things stronger
  • Label boxes 


  • Pack lids and pots separately. Wrap all the lids together in bundles
  • Place smaller pots in larger ones to save space and to make sure things are tightly
  • Use packing peanuts to fill out cardboard boxes and to prevent things from getting
  • Use tea towels to pad out any extra spaces
  • Label boxes


  • Use tissue paper and/or bubble wrap when packing glassware and make sure each one
    is individually wrapped
  • Use packing peanuts to pad out any spaces in a double-sided cardboard box to prevent
    items from moving around
  • Label boxes

Towels and Tea Towels

  • Wrap bundles of folded tea towels and towels in plastic bags and place them in larger
    cardboard boxes
  • Use tea towels and towels as padding in other boxes to protect more delicate kitchen
  • Label boxes

Cutlery & Utensils

  • Wrap cutlery and kitchen utensils in bundles of six so that each piece sits into another
  • Wrap the bundles in bubble wrap and place them in smaller double-sided cardboard
  • Label boxes

Cleaning Supplies

  • Don’t pack any aerosols, containers or bottles containing liquid which may spill
    during transport
  • Pack clean brushes, sponges, and other tools in medium-sized boxes
  • Pack brooms and mops in cardboard sheets and wrap packing tape around them
  • Label boxes

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