How to pack away bathroom items when moving house
Our do’s and don’ts list will help you pack bathroom items away as safely as possible!

Personal Products and Liquids

  • Always put anything that might leak in a plastic bag before placing the items in a
    medium-sized double-sided box!
  • Keep similar products together in a bag/box and label it
  • Throw out all empty or nearly empty containers and bottles!


  • Pack items that contain alcohols, harsh chemicals
  • Pack away aerosols which may explode!

The Medicine Cabinet

  • Make sure you keep any toiletries and other items with you
  • Throw away any over-the-counter medication that’s past its use-by date
  • Throw away all prescription medication that’s past its use-by date


  • Leave sharper objects uncovered, which includes razors and scissors!
  • Leave batteries in electrical bathroom items

Towels &Linens


  • Wrap towels in bundles and place them in plastic bags
  • Pack the towel bundles in larger cardboard boxes
  • Use towels and other linen to pad the inside of your cardboard boxes


  • Pack any dirty linen or towels
  • Pack dirty bathmats, etc.

Cleaning Supplies

  • Pack clean brushes and brooms
  • Pack clean sponges and wipes


  • Pack liquids or chemical cleaners
  • Pack aerosols

Electrical Items

  • Remove adapters, batteries and cords before wrapping them individually
  • Pack them all in small or medium-size cardboard boxes and label everything
  • Wrap electrical equipment in bubble wrap


  • Place any electrical items in the same packing box as liquids
  • Don’t leave batteries in electrical items

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